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James and Jemma #FightEB on TV

James and Jemma #FightEB on TV

DEBRA member James Dunn and Consultant Dermatologist Prof. Jemma Mellerio appeared on the BBC’s Breakfast programme on BBC1 this morning, highlighting the difference the new Rare Diseases Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, is making to people suffering from EB.

Watch James and Jemma #FightEB on BBC Breakfast at 22 mins, 1hr 22 mins and 2hrs 21 mins.

Some of the state-of-the-art-facilities

The new centre, which is part funded by DEBRA, brings together all the services, healthcare professionals and facilities necessary to meet the complex medical requirements of adults suffering from EB in one place, improving the quality of life for thousands of people suffering from EB.

The construction of the state-of-the-art facility was made possible thanks to generous funding from a number of charities, including DEBRA, which contributed £250,000 to the project.

People suffering from EB often need to see many different specialists to get the care they need. EB affects the whole body. The condition can cause disfigurement, internal tissue damage, malnutrition and an aggressive form of skin cancer. Psychological challenges are inevitable.

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is a Centre of Excellence in EB, providing a gold standard of care, but the buildings and facilities where specialist EB clinics took place were no longer fit for purpose.

When visiting the EB clinics, some patients also had to go to different areas around the hospital to see the specialists involved in their care, a time-consuming and stressful situation that could exacerbate blistering and put many patients off accessing care.

DEBRA works in partnership with the NHS to deliver an enhanced healthcare service for people suffering from EB. The new Rare Diseases Centre now enables the specialist EB clinical team to provide the best possible care in an environment specially designed with the needs of people suffering from EB in mind.

It’s only thanks to generous support from members of the public that DEBRA is able to fund projects like these. To raise as much money as possible for EB research, care and support, James and Jemma, alongside other campaigners around the country, are taking part in DEBRA’s #FightEB movement.

Please give now to make a real difference to people suffering from EB or call the Fundraising Team on 01344 771961 to start fundraising for #FightEB.

Header image credit: BBC

Rare Diseases Centre image credit: Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

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