Donate items to a DEBRA shopDonate your preloved outfits today!

Our charity shops sell a range of affordable quality items including clothing, furniture, electrical items, books, homeware and bric-a-brac. Your donations can make a huge difference to people with EB and your community:

  • Help fund life-changing support services and research to find a cure for EB
  • Protect our planet by preventing your unwanted items from going to landfill
  • Enable your community to buy affordable quality pre-loved goods
  • Make an even bigger difference by allowing us to claim Gift Aid on the sale of your items

As a keen re-cycler and collector of all things vintage, my local DEBRA shop has been a regular favourite of mine for some years.

DEBRA Volunteer

Donating your items to our charity shops

Please call your local shop and arrange to drop off your donations in the designated drop off area in-store. This may differ from store to store. Please do not leave any donations outside the front of our stores when we are closed, as items left this way may be damaged and not fit for re-sale.

We are unable to accept all items, so please see our list of items we do not sell before donating.

Find your nearest charity shop

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Donating your items by post

We’ve made it even easier to donate what you don’t need. 

Wherever you are, donate your items to DEBRA UK in three simple steps – oh and it’s FREE too. There is no special bag needed or complicated process. Just use whatever box you have at home, and we’ll do the rest!

Get your free label

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Furniture collection

We offer FREE furniture collections within a 25 mile radius of our furniture stores. So if you have an item of furniture that is no longer right for your home, complete our quick online form and one of our team will be in touch to arrange your collection.

Click here to book a collection

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    Retail Gift Aid Scheme

    Our shops play a vital role in raising the money we need to fund research and provide support for people with EB. By allowing us to claim Gift Aid on the proceeds raised from the sale of your donated items, you will be helping us generate additional income at no extra cost to you. Find out more about the Retail Gift Aid Scheme. 


    The fight to cure EB

    At DEBRA, we can’t change the future of epidermolysis bullosa (EB) in an instant. But we do know that an instant can help change the future of people on a life-long journey with EB.

    We believe that anyone can effect change with one small action:

    • A single coin spent in one of our charity shops could…
    • Help fund the development of practical resources, that help…
    • Encourage even more people to learn about EB and its impact, compelling them to…
    • Spread the word about the disease, our shops, and initiatives, which…
    • Increases interest and investment into our services and medical research, which…
    • Gives us a larger opportunity to develop and expand the DEBRA offering, which means…
    • Even more people with EB can access support and comfort when they need it the most.

    DEBRA membersLet us never underestimate the simple things we can do to spread ripples of hope for people living with EB.

    Let us all take one small action to fight EB so that, one day, EB no longer has any fight left to give.

    #SpreadYourWings to help us begin… the DEBRA effect.

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