This Sunday (21st of April), 17 dedicated individuals will be donning their running shoes to conquer the renowned 26.2 mile London Marathon route, proudly representing #TeamDEBRA.

Many of our remarkable runners have personal connections to DEBRA, running for family members living with EB or in memory of loved ones who bravely battled this condition.

We're so grateful to the entire team for taking on this challenge to help BE the difference for EB and we look forward to cheering them on every step of the way.

Stay tuned on our social media channels for live updates from the day!


Meet the team!


Sophie Randall

EB Specialist Nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Sophie Randall, EB nurse


"Most of you in the EB community would have seen my face before and I am lucky enough to be one of a team of specialist EB nurses. I work with patients across all ages with EB and they are truly inspirational and forces to be reckoned with. I wish I had half the courage my patients have, and I figured if they can live through upwards of 5 hours of dressing changes a day I can cope with 6 hours of running for one day! All my patients are truly an inspiration to me and have taught me so much over my time working in the EB team! Wish me luck!"

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Liam Mullings

Liam Mullings wearing a DEBRA running vest


"I always knew I had a natural ability when it came to running, but lacked the motivation to keep it up. Learning more about Epidermolysis Bullosa and hearing some of the stories from the people that suffer from it has helped me find the motivation to run again, but also to raise as much as I can to help find a cure."

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Simone Scaman

Part of team from the National Federation of Demolition Contractors

Simone Scaman, wearing a DEBRA running vest


"I am delighted to be taking part in my very first ever marathon and to be fundraising for Debra UK. I am not a runner and have put in as much training as possible, so for me this is all about the taking part and contributing to such a great cause. I am totally overwhelmed with all the support I have received so far and just cannot wait for the big day now."

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Natalie Smith

From Pantheon

Natalie Smith, part of #TeamDEBRA for the 2024 London Marathon


"I’m so excited to be part of #TeamDEBRA and run the London Marathon 2024! I have completed other events with DEBRA and I love how there is always a personal feel - the team are always so lovely and supportive! This will be my first marathon though.. eek! Good luck to everyone running, and looking forward to seeing you all at the finish!"

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Luuk Maas

Luuk Maas, wearing a DEBRA UK running vest for the 2024 London Marathon


"I love a new challenge I love running and I love to give the people in the UK something back! And how beautiful to run a marathon for a charity like Debra! Everyone is so helpful (again) and so kind and nice that I went all the way to get the £2500 and even more than that! I really want to make a small difference for Debra to help the people in the UK who helped me as well when I was a student from the Netherlands back in 2017!"

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Joanna Hazell

Joanna Hazel at London Marathon expo 2024"This challenge of running the London Marathon is heavily inspired by one girl, Isla Grist, who is a sufferer of EB. I have known her mum, Tilly, for a few years and am aware of some of the challenges that Isla, Emily (sister), Tilly and Andy (mum and dad) have to go through and I have been looking for a way in which I can help.

Andy swam the English Channel alongside Graeme Souness to raise awareness of this disease. I followed their journey as it was televised and was left feeling that I really could do my bit here I am, undertaking my lifelong ambition of running the London Marathon!"

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Daniel Wade

Daniel Wade, London Marathon 2024"I will be running my 4th London Marathon on 21st April 2024 for DEBRA, this is in honour of Max William Boyle 24.07.2006 - 01.03.2007, the late son of my lifelong friend Matt Boyle.

The charity DEBRA are still as relevant to me now as they were 18 years ago. Please help me raise much needed funds for this very important charity and donate where you can.

Max was taken far too soon by this horrendous genetic disease after a 7 month battle with the worst form of epidermolysis bullosa (EB), Herlitz Junctional. Most children born with this form of EB do not survive beyond infancy. This would have been Max's 18th year, a milestone year to remember for any teenager and we will always wonder what would have been. Max's memory lives on, and we will never forget him nor all the other EB sufferers and families that have and are currently enduring the worst disease you have never heard of!"

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David Roberts

"I have decided to take on the challenge of the London marathon for a charity which is close to my heart DEBRA. My daughter Penelope was born in 2017 and soon after diagnosed with a condition called DDEB Dominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. The charity DEBRA came into our life when Birmingham children's hospital recommended we get in touch as support for Penelope's condition. DEBRA have been fantastic. They have provided support, well being, workshops and a whole host of information we would never have known without them. More so, we have met a community of other families who suffer with EB and can share our journey with them. "

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Evie Buckmaster

"EB has affected my family for generations so I know first hand the pain and discomfort that is experienced and is the reason behind me running the marathon. My cousin, Melissa, passed away in 2018 after a lifetime of fighting EB. Melissa fought everyday with a smile on her face and is an inspiration to me."

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Danny Watkin

"My son Milo was born with epidermolysis bullosa simplex in 2021. The disease has no cure, is rare, complicated and causes much pain and suffering for those who have the condition. EB causes blistering of the skin with very little friction due to it been so fragile and spreads around the body causing extreme discomfort.

Debra charity means a lot to me and my family. They help support families and people with the condition while finding new medicines and treatments to battle pain management while doing vital research to help find a cure.

I'm blessed to have such a strong and supportive family in my life, and we do everything we can to support Milo with his condition. Milo battles EB daily and we understand the hardships/difficulties and mental toll it can take on the individual and caregivers."

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Gary Simmons

"On the 21st April I'll be running the London marathon to raise money for the DEBRA charity. My wife and oldest son both suffer from a condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (EBS). EB is a rare, genetic skin blistering condition that causes the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch, resulting in incredibly painful blisters, open wounds, and excruciating itch. People with EB live in constant, debilitating pain and need our support today."

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Megan Leach

"I'm running on behalf of McGee to raise a hefty £2000 for charity. I've given myself 11 weeks to get Marathon-ready - a mean feat, but nothing compared to those living with EB."

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Adam Gibbons

"I'm running my first ever marathon this year and I'll be raising money for DEBRA, a charity that supports those suffering with the devastating symptoms of the skin condition EB."

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Tom Gundby

From Peninsula UK

"This is my first time running London marathon and so all support will be greatly appreciated to get me through the race!"

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Robert Collard

Part of team from the National Federation of Demolition Contractors

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James Williams

Part of team from the National Federation of Demolition Contractors

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