Two fantastic fundraisers have taken place in February to help those living with EB and to kick start our 2024 appeal, ‘BE the difference for EB’. 


Paul Newman's 24-hour gym session

Paul Newman 24 hour gym session

At 12pm on Saturday 10th February, Paul Newman took part in a non-stop 24-hour gym session at his local gym to raise awareness and funds for those living with EB. Paul was inspired by our Vice President Graeme Souness’s Channel swim when he saw him on TV in December:

I was so moved by this charity I would love to do something for the EB community and help raise some money… I am a competing powerlifter and body builder and would like to do a 24-hour gym session. It’s going to be hard for sure but after seeing what those living with EB go through, my strength to keep going will come from them, I’ll get it done, that’s for sure.

Paul raised an incredible £1,288 and is already thinking about the next challenge – what an inspiration! 

"It was a really hard 24 hours, probably the hardest thing I’ve ever put my body through… I’ve been a competing powerlifter for 13 years and play rugby, so my fitness was never in question, but I have osteoarthritis in both my elbows. Both have been operated on, so my pain level was quite high throughout, but I just kept thinking about Isla and those with EB and knowing how much pain they go through. I’m so glad I can help, I’m already thinking about what I can do next for the charity."


Julie and Barrie Webb's Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Barrie and Julie Webb hug at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 


On Tuesday 13th February, Julie and Barrie Webb, DEBRA UK supporters, crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia to help raise funds for those living with EB. Barrie is not a huge fan of heights but was also spurred on by Graeme Souness’s efforts at swimming the Channel: 

For my birthday this year I have decided to raise funds for a charity that is close to my heart. EB is one of the most horrific diseases I have ever heard of. Former footballer Graeme Souness, one of Barrie’s first football heroes, brought this tormenting skin disease to my attention last summer when he swam the channel.

Julie and Barrie were also supported by Lise Angus, General Manager for DEBRA Australia, and raised an amazing £1,200 including match funding by Julie herself. 


We can’t thank our supporters enough for helping to provide enhanced EB care and support for today, and effective drug treatments for all types of EB for tomorrow. 


Have you been inspired by our fantastic fundraisers?


Why not take on a personal challenge yourself and BE the difference for EB!