Why I'm leaving a gift in my will to DEBRA

Why Wendy is leaving a gift to DEBRA in her will:

DEBRA member Wendy Hilling (pictured), who has Recessive Dystrophic EB, decided to leave a gift to DEBRA in her will:

‘I grew up at a time when DEBRA did not exist and it was a very dark place. I had no one to turn to. Now I know help is just a phone call away,' she says. 'I have benefited financially, emotionally and physically from help with my EB from DEBRA. I cannot now imagine a life without DEBRA and I know my legacy will be used to fund research into a cure and help people living with EB. There needs to be a day when no one knows what EB is, not because it is rare but because it no longer exists.’ 

Why Phillip is leaving a gift to DEBRA in his will:

'I decided to leave a gift to DEBRA in my will because my daughter Francesca was born with EB. She suffered terribly through her short life and I would like to do what I can to spare other children the dreadful pain that Francesca went through.'

The difference you can make:

£500,000 could fund a clinical trial, unlocking new treatments and potentially a cure for EB

£150,000 could fund a new DEBRA Holiday Home, enabling EB families to have a worry free holiday in an adapted environment

£65,000 could fund our entire research trails for one month

£35,000 could fund Emergency Support Grants for one year, helping EB families when most in need

£25,000 could fund an adult weekend away, reducing isolation and providing peer to peer support

£1,500 could fund a research project for a week