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Current UK funded projects

Current UK funded projects

Below you will find information about current UK funded research projects. For more information on international EB research visit DEBRA International.

Akker, DEBRA Clinical Research Fellow (Dundee) - Development of Novel Gene Technology for Treating Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex

Brunton 1 (Edinburgh) – Defining the role of kindlin-1 in the regulation of microtubule stability and mitosis

Inman-South 1 (Dundee) – TGFβ signalling in RDEB Squamous Cell Carcinoma

McLean 12 (Dundee, Scotland) - EBS Genotyping Database

Mellerio 1 (London) – To document a Natural History of EB and validate Clinical Endpoints appropriate to therapy evaluation by industry and regulatory authorities

South 3 (USA, Austria & UK) - "First in EB" Phase II Trial for Rigosertib RDEB SCC

Uitto 1 (Philadelphia, USA) – Novel approaches for read-through of nonsense mutations in COL7A1

McGrath 21 (London) - PRUSTEM

Smaller grants funded by DEBRA UK:

Hickerson (Dundee) - Development of a Skin Fragility Assessment Tool

Projects funded by the Sohana Research Fund:

ADSTEM (London) – Understanding how allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells can modify disease severity in RDEB

LENTICOL (London) – A prospective phase I study of lentiviral-mediated COL7A1 gene-corrected autologous fibroblast therapy


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