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Current UK funded projects

Current UK funded projects


Below you will find information about current UK funded research projects. For more information on international EB research visit DEBRA International.

Akker, DEBRA Clinical Research Fellow (Dundee, UK) - Development of Novel Gene Technology for Treating Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex

Mellerio 1 (London, UK) – To document a Natural History of EB and validate Clinical Endpoints appropriate to therapy evaluation by industry and regulatory authorities

South 3 (USA, Austria & UK) - "First in EB" Phase II Trial for Rigosertib RDEB SCC

McGrath 21 (London, UK) - PRUMEC/PRUSTEM

Chapple 1 (Birmingham, UK) - Understanding bacteria and immune cells in EB Skin to improve treatment options

Eming 1 (Cologne, Germany) - Understanding the complications of wound healing in patients with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa

Jonkman 1 - (Groningen, Netherlands) -Exploring Cannabinoid medicines to treat Pain & Itch in Adults with Epidermolysis Bullosa

Castiglia 1 - (Rome, Italy) - Repurposing Drugs to Treat Fibrosis Associated with RDEB

Inman 1 - (Glasgow, UK) - How can cell mechanisms in RDEB Skin Cancer inform us about potential therapies?

Lwin 1 - (London, UK) - Could spray-on gene-modified cells provide a therapeutic treatment for RDEB?

Heagerty_Falla 1 - (Birmingham, UK) - Gait Analysis in EB Simplex

Grover 1 - (Birmingham, UK) - A Novel spray to treat oral scarring in EB

Heagerty_Bardhan 1 - (Birmingham, UK) - DEBRA Clinical Fellow


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