A family of DEBRA members talk to a staff member

Leaving a gift in your Will provides ongoing care and support to people living with EB. It also funds research into treatments and a cure for this devastating condition.

Our research suggests that drugs currently available within the NHS to treat other inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis can be re-purposed to significantly improve EB symptoms. Clinical trials are required to prove this; yet they come at a cost and can take years to complete.

Over the past five years, DEBRA have funded an additional 22 research projects across the world – this is thanks in part to funding through gifts in Wills. Results have suggested drugs and treatments could help reduce EB symptoms such as pain, itch and scarring, and improve wound healing. Your gift could positively change the lives of people living with EB by making their day-to-day a bit more comfortable.

A researcher working with a microscope

We are also actively seeking cures for EB. Research into gene, protein, and cell therapies offers the potential to correct the faulty gene of patients with EB and ultimately identify potential cures.

Your gift will enable DEBRA to continue to provide vital support services to the EB community and respite breaks through DEBRA holiday homes

By leaving a gift in your Will to DEBRA, you can help those with EB live a life free of pain.


Why I’m leaving a gift in my Will to DEBRA - Wendy’s story

Wendy Hilling and her dog Ted promoting Wendy

I grew up at a time when DEBRA did not exist, and it was a very dark place. I had no one to turn to. Now I know help is just a phone call away.

I have benefited financially, emotionally, and physically from help with my EB from DEBRA. I cannot now imagine a life without DEBRA, and I know they will use my gift to fund research into a cure and to help people living with EB today.

There needs to be a day when no one knows what EB is, not because it is rare, but because it no longer exists.

Wendy Hilling, DEBRA member