Hear from our researchers:

Dr Anna Martinez works on EB at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK.


Prof John McGrath is an EB specialist in London, UK.



Prof Chris Griffiths is an experienced dermatologist and independent scientific advisor to DEBRA UK.


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Information about our Life Free of Pain campaign to raise funding for drug repurposing projects:

We are campaigning to raise funds so that treatments that are already used in the NHS can be repurposed to help people affected by EB live a life free of pain.

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Information about EB and how our skin, and immune systems, work:

A detailed explanation of EB at the cellular and molecular level.

A tour of our skin and the main cells and proteins in it that can be affected by EB.

An introduction to the complexities of our immune systems.

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Discover more about research and rare diseases:

A brief explanation of how many people work together to make research happen.

The challenges of researching a 'rare disease' like EB that affects fewer than 1 in 2000 people.

Hear the voices of people living with rare conditions.

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New gene therapy technologies:

What is gene therapy?

Gene editing uses a process called CRISPR that is explained here.

In 2022, a citizen's jury debated whether the UK goverment should consider changing the law around gene editing.

Exon skipping is a form of gene therapy that could be applied to EB.

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How other therapies work:

What are stem cells?


How medicines we swallow work:


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