A great way to support the EB community – BE the difference and make your payday count

Payroll giving, also known as Give As you Earn, is a simple and tax efficient way for you to make a monthly donation to a charity through your pay. Payroll giving gives you immediate tax relief so it will cost you less to give more.


For employees     For employers

Jamie White

"My son Jamie has generalised severe EB. He was born with no skin on his feet, knees and hands and even where there was intact skin, it blistered. It was so hard to bond - I didn’t hold my baby for the first six months. He is the first person in my family to have EB so it came as an enormous shock.

The most difficult thing about EB is seeing your child in pain, knowing that the care you are giving is causing so much distress. The community support I have received from DEBRA has been outstanding and makes a real difference."

Katie White, mother of Jamie White living with EB



For employees

Establish with your employers if there is a HMRC approved payroll scheme in place or ask them to register with HMRC approved payroll giving agency to get started.

  • Effortless giving – It’s easy to set up and manage through your employer. How much you donate and the charity/charities you support is up to you.
  • Tax efficient – Donations are taken before tax and the amount of tax relief will depend on the rate of tax you pay e.g. if in England and Wales, a £10 donation will only cost you £8 if you are standard tax payer. Please note that different tax benefits apply for Scotland. For more information, please visit the gov.uk.website.
  • Changing jobs – Donations will automatically stop so please remember to sign up with your new employer.
  • Match fund – Some employers might match fund your payroll giving donation.


For employers

Register with a HMRC approved payroll scheme if not already in place.

  • Heartfelt giving – Supporting your colleagues to give to causes close to their heart can make a real difference to their motivation.
  • Achieve excellence – Aim to receive a government endorsed, Payroll Giving Quality Mark.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/ Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) – Payroll Giving is an incredible way to support CSR/ESG initiatives.

Regular donations make a big difference to our work at DEBRA UK and ensure that we can plan our research and healthcare projects whilst still providing ongoing community support, helping to improve the lives of our EB community, today and tomorrow.

For more information, please feel free to contact Ann.


The difference your donation through payroll giving could make

£5 a month
could pay for 12 soft grip or specialist ergonomic designed pens over a course of a year, making it easier to grip and help minimise blistering pain.

£10 a month could pay for 12 soft bristle toothbrushes over a course of a year, making it easier for people living with EB to keep their teeth clean without unnecessary pain.

£20 a month could pay for 12 car seat belt paddings over a course of a year, which will provide extra padding and protection for fragile skin.