We are pleased to announce that DEBRA UK is now a member of two important associations that can help support us in raising awareness and understanding of EB, and ensuring that the EB community gets the support it so desperately needs.

DEBRA UK is now a member of GlobalSkin, The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations, and Genetic Alliance UK.

GlobalSkin is a unique global alliance supporting patient organisations to improve the lives of dermatology patients worldwide. Their work is focused on supporting their members in the fields of research, advocacy, and support.

Genetic Alliance UK is the largest alliance of organisations supporting people with genetic, rare, and undiagnosed conditions in the UK. They work on a variety of issues that families and individuals with genetic conditions face, and aim to provide information and support to families whilst influencing the services needed by these patients. They also work to add patient voice into debates that matter to the communities they represent. Their work falls into the following categories: reproductive techniques, diagnosis, medical research, healthcare and delivery, access to treatments and living and education.

By extending our network and working with partners such as GlobalSkin and Genetic Alliance UK to exchange ideas and best practice thinking, we stand a better chance of securing the support we need to ensure that in the future no one has to suffer with the pain of EB.

We look forward to working with both organisations.

Find out more about GlobalSkin.

Find out more about Genetic Alliance UK.