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DEBRA support grants

DEBRA support grants

DEBRA Support Grants currently available: 

1. Emergency funding and essential requirements

  • To relieve physical and psychological stress
  • To promote the best current practice in EB care and support
  • To encourage and enable well-being, integration into society and independent living
  • To promote and facilitate safety and essential comfort
  • To provide essential respite through the use of the DEBRA Holiday Homes.

2. Attendance of DEBRA activities and events

  • To engage in, support and enjoy DEBRA events and activities
  • To attend events in the role of a special ‘guest’ or in the role of supporting fundraising and raising awareness of EB and DEBRA.

3. DEBRA Extended Overnight Fund

  • The purpose of the Extended Overnight Fund is to enable DEBRA Members to attend Members Weekend 2019 & AGM who have a long distance to travel or who may require additional time for dressing changes. The Overnight Stay Fund allows Members to stay overnight on the Friday night in order to make the 10am start on Saturday, 18 May. There is a limited amount of funding for the Extended Overnight Stay Grant. For more information click here.

4. Hospital In-Patient Nightly Allowance 

  • These grants are designed to help with some of the daily costs incurred whilst in hospital. These may include contributing towards the price of drinks, newspapers, magazines etc. For more information click here.

Find out how to apply for a DEBRA support grant.


Wendy's story

Wendy's story

“DEBRA has been brilliant helping us fund a hoist to help me turn over in bed and a washer/drier to cope with all the extra washing..." 


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