Navigating which benefits you are entitled to and how your income can affect benefits can be confusing and time consuming. Your Community Support Manager can discuss with you which benefits you may be entitled to and can help with applications.

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Are you claiming the correct benefits?

Benefit entitlement with PIP calculatorUse one of these handy Government recommended benefits calculators to work out what support you may be entitled to:

'Policy in Practice' benefits and budgeting calculator

'Entitled to' benefits calculator

'Turn2Us' benefits calculator

People living with EB may be entitled to benefits but do not meet the general criteria within the online calculators, if this applies to you, please talk to your DEBRA Community Support Manager as we can help.

There are two main benefits to consider for people with EB:

You may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if you have to self-isolate and can't work. This is now being paid from day 1. Also, self-employed rules regarding claiming Universal Credit / ESA have been relaxed, you can find information and advice on eligibility plus how to apply for Universal Credit here.

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How PIP impacts other benefits

Receiving a PIP allowance may help your case when applying for other Government benefits or concessions. The benefit cap may also be removed when someone in the household receives a PIP allowance.

Calculating benefit entitlement with PIPNeither Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is counted as income. If you’re applying for any means-tested benefits, having a PIP allowance may help you receive higher payments of these benefits and may also remove deductions made from these benefits, e.g. because other adults share your household.

If you haven't yet applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or would like help with your application, please visit the PIP section or contact your DEBRA Community Support Manager as we are very experienced in how the process works and what to include.

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Transportation support

PIP Benefits: Blue badge parking signMotability scheme

If you are able to claim the enhanced rate for the mobility component of PIP you may also be able to access the Motability scheme, which allows you to lease or buy a car, wheelchair or scooter. The scheme also offers grants to help pay for lessons if needed, or to help with a car deposit.

Blue Badge

Available for people with severe walking disabilities (drivers or passengers) to park in restricted areas, some PIP recipients will automatically qualify for a blue badge based on their PIP claim; this will vary on a case by case basis and is viewed differently between the four nations and also local authorities. The blue badge scheme is run through local councils and trusts.

Road tax

If you are able to claim the enhanced rate for the mobility component of PIP you may also be exempt from paying road tax; PIP allowance at the standard rate for the mobility component may be entitled to a 50% discount.

Public transport concessions

Some PIP recipients will qualify for public transport concessions, such as a bus pass; this will vary on a case by case basis and is viewed differently between the four nations, as these are run through local authorities:

If you would like help with financial support options, please contact your DEBRA Community Support Manager.

More financial support options


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