My goal is to develop therapies to improve quality of life for individuals with RDEB

When I first got to know this devastating disease, I had just returned from maternity leave. Instantly, I empathised with the pain and despair of the patients and family. Read more

Increased likelihood of skin cancer in Kindler EB

In this project we seek to have a better understanding of the protein Kindlin-1 in altering normal functions in the skin, and of its role in the progression of skin cancer, in Kindler EB patients. Read more

Understanding EBS skin and ways to strengthen it

Prof Connelly and his team are investigating the mechanics of EBS and exploring new approaches to improving the mechanical function of skin cells (keratinocytes). Read more

Eye drops to ease eye symptoms for people living with EB

We have developed an eye drop that may alleviate the pain experienced by EB patients with eye symptoms. Our project will collect evidence to allow the drop to be made available to those with EB. Read more

Saving sight for people living with EB

One day, losing sight from EB-caused corneal scarring will be a thing of the past. My research on developing an EB-specific anti-scarring eyedrop starts today. Read more

I was caught by the impact of the disease on this little baby

I wanted to know more about EB, but also add to the knowledge and care, and when Marcel asked me to do a PhD on a subject within EB, I said yes immediately. Read more

There's lots we can do to ease symptoms and improve everyday life for people living with EB

My specific interest is preventing the progressive scarring some people with EB get on the internal mucosa, for example in the mouth, which can make it difficult for them to eat, drink, and brush their teeth – simple things many of us take for granted. Read more