Supporting the wellbeing of EB parents

Our work is on the psychological impact of caring for children with EB. Read more

Improving detection of cancer in RDEB

My work aims to develop a new, non-invasive way of detecting cancer in RDEB with the goal of improving patient care. Read more

Healing RDEB skin cells

Repurposing existing drugs for RDEB skin symptoms. Read more

Experiences of brothers and sisters of children with EB

I know that parents who have children with EB worry about the impact on their brothers and sisters without the condition. Read more

Being a researcher is not a job, it is a lifestyle

I would like to change the lives of people living with EB. Read more

Clinical trial to repurpose an approved psoriasis drug for EBS

We hope to improve quality of life by reducing the number of blisters and the pain that affects daily life. Read more

Laying the groundwork for a permanent genetic fix for RDEB

It sounds like science fiction, but we hope to be among the first researchers to make it a reality! Read more

How do germs stop EB wounds from healing?

I saw that taking care of non-healing wounds was overwhelming to the patients and their caregivers and significantly affected their lives. Read more

Finding new genetic changes in EBS and the symptoms they cause

Our studies aim to discover previously unknown genetic causes and shorten the time it takes to get an accurate genetic diagnosis Read more

Cannabinoids for pain in EB

Central to my work is the treatment of pain Read more

Skin cancer in Kindler EB

I am investigating how skin cancer starts, grows and spreads in KEB Read more

Unlocking Hope: Taming Viruses to Fight EB

Our efforts are directed towards creating a “viral cream” with the potential to heal EB skin wounds Read more