Finding new genetic changes in EBS and the symptoms they cause

Our studies aim to discover previously unknown genetic causes and shorten the time it takes to get an accurate genetic diagnosis Read more

Cannabinoids for pain in EB

Central to my work is the treatment of pain Read more

Skin cancer in Kindler EB

I am investigating how skin cancer starts, grows and spreads in KEB Read more

Unlocking Hope: Taming Viruses to Fight EB

Our efforts are directed towards creating a “viral cream” with the potential to heal EB skin wounds Read more

Statins to fight RDEB cancer?

Can we use existing drugs to slow tumour growth? Read more

CRISPR – cutting edge gene editing technology for RDEB

Our genetic ‘patches’ could repair the DNA of skin cells Read more

The right genetic diagnosis faster for better care

Our goal is to provide a genetic diagnosis to more people Read more

Scarring or cancer – which way will RDEB skin go?

My goal is to develop therapies that slow down RDEB disease progression Read more

Helping JEB patients to breathe

Our main focus is on the swelling, blistering and wounds in the throat and windpipe that affect breathing Read more

Understanding EBS skin and ways to strengthen it

My laboratory is investigating the physical strength and resilience of skin cells in EBS and testing whether existing drugs can improve wound healing Read more

Eye drops to ease eye symptoms for people living with EB

We have developed an eye drop that may alleviate the pain experienced by EB patients with eye symptoms. Our project will collect evidence to allow the drop to be made available to those with EB. Read more

Stopping the DEB/JEB scarring in children’s eyes

My vision is an eyedrop that reduces irritation and scarring in the eyes of children with EB Read more