EB has scarred me physically and emotionally

Both the physical pain, and the daily feeling of walking through hot embers, the uncontrollable itching from healing wounds, and the emotional pain which manifests itself through bouts of severe depression built up from years of physical and emotional trauma. Read more

Caring for wounds, managing pain, and preventing new injuries is our way of life

Having EB has made it difficult to compete in sports over the years including my passion: football. DEBRA have supported me in my new opportunity to play for Newport Town Football Club and it is an honour to represent them while playing. Read more

Once the blisters come, you just cannot get rid of them

When the temperature is cool it’s like she doesn’t have EB, but as soon as the temperature rises, the blistering starts, and then she can no longer do the things that her friends do. It's heart-breaking to see. Read more

EB is the force that made me who I am

I have EB, I always have, but many things can change, one day I want to say I HAD EB! Read more

EB dictates what I can do and when, everyday

EB is a physical condition; managing my blisters and wounds takes up a huge part of my life, but EB also has a significant impact on my mental health. This is the invisible side of EB, which not everyone sees. Read more

Realising that I wasn’t alone with EB

My childhood wounds were different to my siblings and took longer to heal. For years I felt alone until I realised that I wasn’t the only one living with EB, and that there was support out there for me. Read more

Louis’ story

Our beautiful baby boy Louis was diagnosed with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) shortly after he was born last October. Louis having EB was a huge shock to us; the very beginning of our journey with EB. Read more