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EB Awareness Week 2021 (25 - 31 October)

EB Awareness Week 2021 (25 - 31 October)

Welcome to EB Awareness Week 2021

We're back for another year! International EB Awareness Week (EBAW) takes place annually from 25th - 31st October 2021. Here at DEBRA, it's an exciting time: we come together as a community to put EB in the spotlight and raise awareness of the conditions.

To start things off, another thank you to everyone who has helped us in 2021 and took part in EBAW 2020. In 2020, our EBAW campaigns reached over 1 million people on social media with information about EB and stories from the community, helping to raise awareness of EB across the UK.

EBAW 2021

Can we reach those same heights in 2021? In short: if you help to spread the word, share our social media posts and get involved with DEBRA in any of a myriad of ways - yes, we can.

Continuing with a winning theme

The original focus of EBAW 2020 was spreading the word about the services and support available to DEBRA Members. For instance, where to find the best information to teach others about EB, as well as how to help shape the future of EB research and care - Aware. Share. Prepare.

Therefore, with EBAW 2021, it makes perfect sense to bring back that theme. Because that's what it's all about:

Awareness of EB on a wider scale

Sharing the experiences of EB

  • Join other DEBRA Members to share your EB experiences in our relaxed online social events.
  • Share and raise awareness on our social media channels throughout the week.
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Preparing for a future free of EB

  • We work in partnership with the NHS and EB healthcare experts, research professionals and the Community Support Team to offer vital care and specialist support for people with EB.
  • Pioneering research into the causes and possible treatments of EB. Our research commitment spans 40 years and over £20 million in investment on research projects across 11 different countries.