Graeme Souness, Andy Grist and Channel Swim team celebrate on the French coast wearing wetsuits and holding a DEBRA banner

Yesterday morning (Sunday 18th June), Team DEBRA made it to the shores of France and completed the English Channel swim in a speedy 12 hours 17 minutes!

On the behalf of the EB community and everyone at DEBRA, we would like to thank the swim team, the support crew, the friends and family, and everyone who has supported the swim. To date the English Channel swimming challenge has raised over £1.1m towards DEBRA’s A Life Free of Pain appeal, it has also raised much needed awareness of this cruel condition. The fight to secure funding to test drugs that could transform the lives of people living with EB must continue though, we won’t stop until no one suffers with the pain of EB.

 Isla Grist and the Channel Swim team on the jetty of the boat before the Channel Swim

Commenting on the swim, DEBRA Vice President and swim team member, Graeme Souness said:

When I came across the disease, EB, it was the worst thing I’ve ever come across in my life. We have to find a way to find effective treatments and ultimately cures which will make life easier for the people living with this condition. It’s the cruellest, nastiest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life, and I wanted to be a part of a fight to help these poor kids. It’s been 9 months and we’ve all worked really hard, we did it, we swam the Channel, but the fight to beat EB goes on until we get the treatments that will help stop the pain of EB.

You can still sponsor Graeme and the Channel swim team at