• Does your condition(s) mean you do not wash or bathe as regularly?
  • Do you need to sit down in the shower – either because you cannot physically stand or because your medication causes you to feel lightheaded?
  • Do you require any adaptions, such as a stool, bath board or handrails?
  • If you do not have adaptions, do you balance on bathroom fittings? (e.g. holding the sink or edge of the bath)
  • Do you need reminding to wash or bathe?
  • Do you need someone to stay nearby to supervise in case of a fall?
  • Are you able to wash your hair and all parts of your body?

Relating to EB

  • Does someone have to help you bathe or remove dressings in the bath or shower?
  • How long does it take to wash your skin, including rest periods and time spent checking for blisters/infections?
  • Do you have to apply any special creams or ointments during or after your bath or shower?
  • Do you have to do anything special to dry after a bath or shower? (e.g. pat dry)
  • Who helps and how long does it take, including rest periods?
  • Do you have to use any special fabrics or soft towels?
  • Do you require pain relief during or after your bath or shower?
  • Does removing and changing your dressings cause you pain and distress?