• Are you able to get on and off a toilet seat?
  • Are you able to clean yourself after using the toilet?
  • Does your medication(s) cause incontinence?
  • Do you have to have an aid to help manage incontinence?
  • Who helps and how long does it take?
  • Do you require any toilet adaptations? (e.g. cushioned seat, handrails)
  • Do you hold on to furniture or sinks or position yourself carefully and/or slowly?
  • Is your sleep interrupted because you have to frequently use the toilet at night?

Relating to EB

  • Does it take you longer to get to the toilet?
  • How long does it take to go to the toilet?
  • Do you have an issue with constipation or with a long time sitting that could cause skin damage?
  • Do you experience pain due to any blisters around your bottom area?
  • Do you experience distress when passing a stool due to pain or bleeding?
  • Do you have to check, remove or change dressings after each toilet use?
  • How do you clean your bottom area after each toilet use?
  • Who helps and how long does it take, including rest periods?