• How often do you need to eat and drink?
  • Do you often miss meals or not get enough to drink?
  • Do you refuse or forget to eat and drink?
  • Do you need someone to remind you to eat and drink?
  • Do you have an eating disorder?
  • Does your medication cause side effects that make it difficult to eat and drink?
  • Does eating or drinking cause you anxiety or panic attacks at home or in public?

Eating and drinking

  • Do you have smaller meals more frequently or adjust your mealtime patterns?
  • Do you eat with others to avoid this?
  • Do you have to follow a special diet (e.g. soft foods)?
  • Do you have to avoid certain foods (e.g. coeliac)?
  • Do you require foods to be at certain temperatures?
  • Are you able to cut your own food?
  • Who else needs to help you or how much longer does it take you?
  • Are you able to put food in your mouth yourself?
  • Are you able to chew and swallow?
  • Does it take you longer to do this?

Relating to EB

  • Does eating or drinking cause you pain?
  • Do you suffer from reflux?
  • Are you at risk for choking and therefore need to be supervised?
  • Do you need more calories for wound healing than an average person (mention your dietician and their advice, if relevant)?