Information & advice

For information and advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), also known simply as COVID, you should always consult and follow the advice given by your national government, the NHS and other regulatory authorities.

Visit the website for more information.

Is there any special COVID-19 advice if I have EB?

There is currently no specific advice to EB patients because EB impacts everyone differently. If you are in contact with any health services you should mention that you have EB along with how it affects you, so they provide the best care. This may include mentioning if you are immuno-suppressed, on particular medications, are concerned you may blister if swabbed, may struggle to wear a mask or cannot tolerate a sticking plaster.

Our I have EB cards can be useful in this situation. You may also wish to show them our Managing EB patients page, which can be useful in an emergency or in routine medical situations.

Healthcare (including vaccines)

If you have any questions or concerns about COVID and EB, including vaccination, consult your healthcare provider and/or EB healthcare team. You can also view DEBRA International's COVID-19 Vaccines and epidermolysis bullosa (EB) booklet, which has been reviewed by EB clinical experts. The booklet also contains questions and answers and information about vaccines in general, taken from reputable sources, such as and NHS.

Community Support

If you need support with matters not relating to COVID or healthcare, our EB Community Support Team are here to help (during office hours). Over team supports members with a wide range of enquiries, including benefits, housing, education, EB friendly clothing and much more.

The team can listen to any questions or concerns you might have, provide further information or make referrals to relevant agencies and organisations. Learn more on our website about how we can help or phone us on 01344 771961 (Option 1).