• Are you confident meeting new people or do you need someone with you when you meet people you do not know?
  • Are you able to judge situations where someone may or may not be behaving appropriately?
  • Are you able to make friends?
  • Do you feel anxious in social situations?
  • Do you try to avoid meeting new people or interacting with others?
  • Do you feel anxious when having to call people you do not know? (including agencies such as the DWP or social services)
  • Do you try to isolate yourself even though you may feel lonely?

Relating to EB

  • Do you find it difficult to talk with others about your EB?
  • Do you avoid talking to others about your EB?
  • Are you anxious others are judging you because of your EB?
  • Are you able to leave your home independently to mix with others?
  • Do you avoid going out?
  • How has EB impacted your ability to mix with others? (e.g. can’t keep up with friends, can’t attend the same places, need extra support, time to change dressings, smell of the dressings, can’t eat in front of others, require regular treatment/medicines, feel drowsy/tired/in pain, people don’t understand the condition, etc.)
  • Do you feel stared at because of any visible wounds?
  • Does this make you avoid going out?