Selfie of Tim Jackson hiking with his daughter and son.In April 2023, Tim took on the challenge of trekking around the complete circumference of Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

The route is a whopping 107 miles around the moor, lanes and pathways, with a gruelling 15,000 ft of elevation. Tim was also carrying a 20kg backpack with all that he needed to be self sufficient and will wild camp on route. He expected the trek to take 3-4 days.

As if this wasn't enough of a challenge, Tim lives with EB simplex, one of the four main types of EB, which causes painful blistering on his feet, exacerbated by friction caused by walking. Both himself and his daughter, Bea, live with the condition.

If you would like to sponsor me I shall be raising for DEBRA which is the national charity supporting those directly affected by and working with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Both my daughter Bea and I have this condition albeit mildly but still affects us daily.

Large rucksack laid on the floor with contents. 

Tim set off on the 22nd April and covered 31 miles on the first day! He wild camped on the moors overnight and then set off on day 2, full on a sachet of beans but struggling with painful blisters on his feet.

Map of Dartmoor national park. Tim Jackson sits on the floor with pained look on his face. His feet are taped up to cover blisters.

Unfortunately after 3 challenging days, Tim decided to postpone his challenge to a later date due to the pain he was experiencing from walking.

Massive struggle getting up today as I had not a lot of sleep due to the pain in my feet, legs and everywhere. The 8 miles to Tavistock were hideous this morning, I lost the plot the last 5 miles! Regretfully I have had to stop. I just couldn’t walk anymore. I’ve never quit anything I’ve done but this is the right thing to do. Thanks for all your support, these events bring out some great people.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Tim for taking on this incredible challenge, he raised £1,280 towards our A Life Free of Pain appeal, helping to find better treatments to #StopThePain for people living with EB.

You can support his fundraiser here.