Teeside Friends of DEBRAOllie Algar lives with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB).

Contact Names: Mark and Kelly Algar

Inspired by: Ollie Algar

What we are raising money for: Research into recessive dystrophic EB

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Ollie's story

Teeside Friends of DEBRA: The Algar familyOllie is a very lively young man and takes on any challenge giving to him. It all started for Ollie at six months old when he was diagnosed with RDEB. After a lot of different tests we got sent straight to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed - the EB team have been a fantastic support from day one.

We knew Ollie's way of living wasn’t going to be the same as a normal child, for example crawling he adapted to his hands and feet.

Ollie has always got some kind of open wound, blistering and is in severe pain daily. Bullen Healthcare play a massive part supporting us with dressings and medication as we need them.

Ollie has just taken his biggest challenge to date and that’s settling into secondary school which is a big thing for him as he didn’t know anyone. He’s made new friends who understand his condition and gives everything a go even PE. The teachers have been fantastic and always adapt to Ollie's needs so he doesn’t miss out on any opportunity.

Ollie's passion is his football and loves going to see Middlesbrough play. Ollie likes to play himself but he knows his limits sometimes he can play for half an hour but then other times he can only play for five minutes.

Ollie takes every day in his stride he knows when he wakes up the routine starts of breakfast and cream/dressing changes (blister popping if needed). As Ollie is getting older he’s becoming very independent and most days can take off his skin needs himself.

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