The Helix Centre

We have teamed up with The Helix Centre, part of Imperial College London, to codesign a product that will improve quality of life for people living with EB. It could be anything, like an item of clothing, a household gadget, or something to help you with journeys when you’re out and about.

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Together we will design, test and produce something to help people living with EB. The first stage of the process is to prioritise one challenge area to focus the design project on.

A small group of members have helped us design a survey for the DEBRA membership to decide which challenge area we should focus on – please have your say and complete the survey by Sunday 3rd March. 

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Once the results of the survey are in, Helix will run a series of workshops, interviews or design sessions with DEBRA members to set to work designing an actual product. And we hope that you might get involved along the way too.


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If you would like to take part at some stage of the Helix project, please sign up by clicking the button below, and we’ll keep you up to date.

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Alternatively, please contact 01344 771961 and use option 1 or [email protected]

We can’t do this project without our members, so we hope you can join us to share your insights and experience that will help us produce the best product possible for the EB community!


More about the Helix Centre’s work

The Helix Centre has already completed some great projects for various healthcare causes. One of their current projects, is working on a way to improve first outpatient appointment attendance for people who have unequal access based on their ethnicity and level of deprivation. To achieve this, they are working with members of the public from these groups to identify barriers they face and co-design ways to support people to attend their appointments. They will then test which approaches have the greatest impact in a research study and review the best methods to achieve this!

We can’t wait to work with you to come up with our very own product for the EB community!