Our values provide a set of common beliefs, behaviours and understanding to support and enable us to work collectively to achieve our mission. We will build these values into everything that we do – how we interact with each other, training, recruitment, reward and recognition and wellbeing.

Making a difference

We make a positive contribution to the lives of the EB community, our colleagues, and the community we live in through the individual work and activities undertaken by each employee and volunteer.


We value diversity and proactively seek to support, engage and nurture every individual within the DEBRA community.


We treat our members, colleagues, volunteers and customer, with respect. We value the views and diversity of others and intervene when those around us do not uphold the high standards we expect.


We are motivated to achieve individual and collective goals. We do our best every day, so that we can move forward in our quest to improve the quality of life of our members and find a cure for EB.


We prioritise the needs of others, looking to brighten the day of those around us. Doing a great job really matters whether we are supporting members, serving customers, Fundraising and raising awareness of EB. We care for one another.


We look for solutions, working together to create positive change. We deliver on our promises through hard work, collaboration, and determination.