Making time together enjoyable for everyone

Our online member events and groups are run to help you connect with other members, support each other and gain useful tips and information.

To keep every session a welcoming, supportive and safe place for members, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:


Appreciate and value each other even when there is a difference of opinions, diversity and values. Use appropriate language, comments and be sensitive of how your actions and words may affect others.


Please share only information about yourself and treat other people’s information confidential. Do not take photographs or film the event (including the Zoom screen).


Please actively participate and listen to other members, share your knowledge, skills and experiences. We are not able to help with individual medical matters; these should be discussed with your medical professional.


Listen and ensure everyone has a chance to have their say. Some conversations may be more appropriate to be discussed away from the group and an individual catch up will be arranged with you.


We hope you will relax and enjoy your time with other DEBRA Members and/or DEBRA Staff.


Get in touch

We welcome your comments, questions and feedback at any time. Contact our Membership Manager via [email protected] or phone 01344 771961 (Option 1).