Your local DEBRA charity shop

As we exit lockdown, DEBRA is re-opening a number of charity shops across the UK. Buying pre-loved items such as books, clothes and furniture not only reduces your carbon footprint but drives sustainability, helps you to save cash,  protects our planet and makes a real difference to people living with EB.

Linsey White PR specialist at DEBRA has put together six top shopping tips to help you find some hidden treasure at your local DEBRA store (as featured in the Daily Mirror on July 4th).

1. Plan ahead

Charity shops receive their donations daily with Monday and Tuesday generally being quieter so try and visit your local store then and you’ll be one step ahead to bag a bargain and avoid the crowds. 

2. Set time aside 

Charity shopping is not for people in a hurry. Shopping at your local charity store takes dedication, patience and time. So before you set off to find a vintage wardrobe dream or pre-loved jewellery gem ensure you have at least 2 hours in your schedule to properly sort through the clothes rails, bookshelves and shoe collections.

3. Make friends with Shop Staff

They are always happy to help out, have an eye for a hidden gem and really value regular shoppers. So always stop and say hi, let them know what you are looking for and the type of style you like. They’ll remember you and be sure to let you know when that silk scarf or handbag you’ve had your eye on hits the shelves.

4. Don’t play it safe

Be brave and rummage through the box of hats, belts, ties and scarves. It may feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack but this is exactly how hidden treasure is found.

5. Shop unisex

Boyfriend jeans, pre-loved converse/Nike trainers or tailored jackets may just as easily be hiding in another section of the charity shop floor. Clothes always get put back in the wrong place so keep your eyes wide open and leave no stone unturned during your charity store visit.

6.  The golden rule

Remember my golden rule – re-use, re-home, recycle.

Visit our charity shop section to find your nearest shop and support the EB Community.