On the 25th January 2022, life patron, Philip Evans was welcomed to DEBRA Head Office to meet our Senior Management Team and receive updates on some of the key developments in the charity’s progression. 

Philip Evans at DEBRA Head Office

Tony Byrne, DEBRA UK CEO said: "We were delighted to welcome Philip Evans, our life patron, to DEBRA head-office today. As one of the key individuals at the outset of DEBRA, it was fantastic to show Philip how the charity has continued to evolve and our future plans in our mission to #FightEB.” 

Philip Evans, DEBRA Life Patron said: “I really enjoyed my visit to DEBRA. It was very inspiring to see the charity in such great shape, with exciting plans in place for the future.”

Philip Evans joined DEBRA following his daughter Francesca’s EB diagnosis in 1978, who died in 1985 aged seven. He was one of the key individuals at the outset who transformed DEBRA from a tiny charity to the [multi-million] charity it is today. His tireless work for DEBRA, alongside his career working in the financial sector in the City of London, brought him to the role of Chairman of the Trustees from 1988 – 2011.

You can read more about Philip Evans and his outstanding contributions to DEBRA here

Philip Evans at DEBRA Head Office