Fazeels mum bandages his arms

Today (Wednesday 20th September), Filsuvez®, the gel developed by Amryt Pharma as a treatment to promote the healing of partial thickness wounds associated with dystrophic (DEB) and junctional (JEB) EB successfully passed the appeal process, and it will now be available for prescription approximately 3 months from today.

If you or a patient you care for are aged 6 months + and have either DEB or JEB, please consult your clinician for further information about Filsuvez®.

Commenting on the news, DEBRA UK CEO Tony Byrne said:

I am delighted to hear that Filsuvez® has successfully passed the final stage of the NICE approval process and will now be available for DEB and JEB patients in the UK from late December. On the behalf of DEBRA and the entire EB community, I would like to again thank Amryt Pharma and NICE for facilitating this approval, and all our members who supported the application. There is still much work to do to ensure approved drug treatments are available for all types of EB, but this provides hope today for patients with DEB and JEB and will hopefully be a catalyst for future drug treatments for the wider EB community.

Commenting on the difference that Filsuvez® could make and of the role that patient organisations played in the approval of Filsuvez®, Helen Knight, director of health technology assessment at NICE, said:

Birch bark extract, by reducing the time taken for wounds to heal and therefore the time needed to clean and redress them and the pain associated with that, has the potential to improve the quality of life for people with EB and their carers and help free up time for other activities. We’re particularly grateful to the patient organisations, DEBRA and Genetic Alliance UK, and the patient experts for their powerful testimonies giving a valuable insight into the experiences of people with this debilitating and distressing condition.

To find out more about the Filsuvez® please visit Filsuvez® FAQs

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