We are excited to announce that our #DEBRAMemoryMakers campaign has raised an incredible £55,119.30 towards our DEBRA holiday homes!

This grand total would not be possible without your generosity and the kindness of our match funder, who doubled all donations up to £25,000.

We would also like to thank the EB families that shared their stories with us and touched the hearts of so many people.

As part of the campaign, Mick and Sarah Thomas shared the lifelong memories they made over the years, staying in our DEBRA Holiday Homes with their son Oliver, who sadly passed away in December 2021.

Many thanks for reading our story and kindly donating. We hope it encourages many other DEBRA families to use these amazing holiday homes to make their own memories.

Mick and Sarah Thomas.

Thomas family at the top of Snowdon

You have helped make a massive difference to EB families by giving them the chance to visit our DEBRA holiday homes across the UK where they have vital respite and make precious memories. Thank you. 

You can find out more about our holiday homes here.