Join us on the week starting the 28th February, as we launch The DEBRA Effect across our retail stores in England and Scotland. Six stores in Paisley, Bathgate, Davenport, Poole, Raynes Park and Ashford will be leading the way with activities, including raffles, colouring competitions, butterfly wing photo opportunities as well as having limited edition DEBRA bags and origami butterfly packs on offer too!

Many other of our stores across the country will be getting involved too, so click the link below to find your local store:

Find you local store

Young woman is showing the sign language symbol for butterfly (hands with thumbs together and palms facing in)Our campaign aims to raise awareness of EB by encouraging people to get involved by visiting our stores and joining our #SpreadYourWingsForDEBRA social media campaign. To join the campaign, simply share a photo of yourself showing the below butterfly wings hand gesture (left) and tag your friends and family to do the same.

Only 13% of people have heard of EB, so we hope that people sharing their images will help raise more awareness of the painful genetic condition.

EB is often referred to as 'Butterfly skin' as for people living with EB, their skin can be as fragile as a butterfly's wings. The more people posting their butterfly hands on social media, or spreading the words about our stores, the more people the campaign will reach, creating a 'butterfly effect.'


How can you get involved?

  • Visit your local DEBRA shop and see all the fun things they have to make and do next this week!
  • Donate to or buy something pre-loved at your local DEBRA store.
  • Share a photo of your butterfly wings hand gesture on your personal social media profiles. You could also share a group photo!
  • Use the #SpreadYourWingsForDEBRA hashtag and tag your friends, family and colleagues to do the same!


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