We'd like to say a huge congratulations to our DEBRA Ambassador, Lucy Beall, who is featured in the June/July edition of Cosmopolitan magazine!

Their feature 'This is my body', shares the stories of six incredible women, discussing "body image and how their individual journeys have impacted what they see in the mirror."

Lucy, 23, is a medievalist, model and uses her online platform to raise awareness of life with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB). Lucy recently walked at London Fashion Week and advocates for inclusivity in beauty and fashion.

Lucy said:

"This shoot means so much to me, not necessarily because of how I looked or the things I wore, but because there will be something about EB on every magazine rack in the U.K., and it is something happy. I did not see anyone who resembled myself in a magazine as a teenager. To perhaps be that person for someone, a young woman with or without EB, is an honour I cannot describe. Our work is not done, but I am so proud to be apart of the victories we achieve every day."

On the inspiration behind the feature, Cosmopolitan said:

“We are bombarded with conflicting messaging around body positivity and self-love, alongside #HotGirlSummer and getting ‘beach body ready’. So, this summer, Cosmopolitan gathered six incredible women to have an honest discussion about the journeys they have gone on with their bodies, from childbirth and transitioning, to skin conditions and health complications. We hope it reminds us all that self-acceptance is a process, not a switch, and however you’re feeling about your body today - that’s okay.”

We are so proud to see Lucy photographed in this fantastic feature, which will raise much needed awareness of EB.

You can read the full article on Cosmopolitan's website here, or pick up a hard copy from your local newsagent!


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