DEBRA Volunteers smiling outside DEBRA charity storeDEBRA shop volunteer team.

Our dedicated volunteers play a vital role in helping to #FightEB and every volunteer gets something out of their experience. Meet some of our fantastic volunteers below and find out what they enjoy about volunteering with us.  

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Volunteer with DEBRA: Winstanley volunteer sorting donations in a window display 

The first COVID-19 lockdown left Sharon unable to work as a freelance children's entertainer, actor and music researcher. So she decided give some of her time to volunteer with DEBRA at our store in Winstanley. 

I needed to do something productive and confidence boosting so, as soon as my favourite local DEBRA shop reopened, I signed up as a volunteer. I have learned many new skills, made new friends and enjoy serving customers. I like to get creative with shop displays. I get a real sense of achievement from volunteering. 

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Volunteer with DEBRA: DEBRA Volunteer Callum 

Callum is a valued member of the team in our Davenport store and has been volunteering for six years. In that time Callum has found volunteering has boosted his skills and confidence.  

I have been a volunteer for DEBRA for six years, five full days a week. In my years at DEBRA I have gained a lot more confidence and shop skills, including merchandising and customer service. I have met some great friends and colleagues too.

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Judy & Sandra 

Volunteer with DEBRA: DEBRA Hull volunteers Judy and SandraJudy and Sandra both volunteer in our Hull store and have become great friends thanks to volunteering with DEBRA. 

When Judy first started at DEBRA Hull she worked upstairs sorting stock. She was shy and came to gain skills in between looking after her granddaughter. Fast forward five years Judy is one of the main till volunteers. She enjoys chatting to customers and helping price bric-a-brac. Judy received an award for her service at DEBRA's 2019 conference.

Sandra started at DEBRA in January 2019. Just retired from working at a cake factory, Sandra was looking to fill the extra time on her hands. 

I just love everything about it [volunteering], pricing the stock, chatting to customers, working on the till. I enjoy it so much I've increased my hours.

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Volunteer with DEBRA: DEBRA Volunteer David

David started volunteering five years ago when he was 16, after being encouraged to volunteer by his school. Despite not having volunteered before, the friendly team helped him settle in quickly. David has learned new skills which have supported him when looking for work. He also uses his technology expertise to support the Whitton team. 

DEBRA taught me so many great lessons that really helped me when I got into paid work. My first job in retail was won thanks to the experience I got whilst volunteering at the store each week. Because of my background in technology, I’ve ended up becoming a sort of tech expert for the store – I’m always thrilled when we get another interesting bit of tech through a donation for me to work out, and sometimes fix. The environment is so supportive and engaging – once I started volunteering, I realized I never wanted to stop helping out!

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Volunteer with DEBRA: DEBRA Volunteer BrianBrian began volunteering in our Send shop in September 1999 and has been there three days a week ever since. Brian has a visual impairment so his guide dog, Justin, guides him to the shop and sits behind the till while he volunteers. 

As a valued member of the team, Brian’s role includes all aspects of running a successful shop: pricing clothes, sorting goods, processing sales and helping customers. Brian was nationally recognised for his dedication and service to DEBRA when he won Volunteer of the Year at the Charity Retail Awards 2014. 


My advice to anyone who is considering volunteering with DEBRA is definitely to give it a go! You don’t have anything to lose; if anything you have lots to gain – it’s good fun and really boosts your confidence. If I can volunteer with my visual impairment, then anyone can do it.

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