Download and complete the grant form - either electronically or by hand - and email your application to [email protected] or send it to Team Support at DEBRA's Head Office:

The Capitol Building
RG12 8FZ

Alternatively, you can talk to your Community Support Manager or EB nurse specialist who will talk to you about your request and help you to fill in a support grant application form.

If you don’t have contact with either, you can contact the DEBRA Head Office (call on 01344 771961 or email [email protected]) to be put in touch with your Community Support Manager.

Note: Community Support Managers offer a holistic service helping with many different areas of your life as impacted by EB. A support grant request could be the start of (or usually part of) an on-going relationship with DEBRA and your Community Support Manager.

Application Form - digital copy (Word)

Application Form - printer-friendly copy (PDF)