A change in circumstance can impact your eligibility to PIP allowance. You should always notify the DWP/DfC of your change in circumstance; however, there is a possibility that your PIP allowance rate could be lowered.

You should notify the DWP/DfC of a change in circumstance for the following:

  • Hospital stay – if you are 18 or over and your hospital stay exceeds 28 days you will no longer be eligible for either component of a PIP allowance; if you are under 18 when you enter hospital, your PIP allowance will continue no matter the time spent in hospital
  • Stay in a care home – if your stay exceeds 28 days you will no longer be eligible for the daily living component of PIP allowance (unless your stay is fully self-funded)
  • Move to hospice – PIP allowance will generally continue if you are terminally ill and in hospice care
  • Imprisoned – this may affect your eligibility for PIP allowance

Note: Any stays separated by less than 28 days are added together when determining if PIP allowance may stop. For example, if you spend:

  • 7 days in a hospital
  • then move back home for 7 days
  • then move to a care home for 20 days

= 34 days so your PIP allowance will normally stop.