Everyone has struggled with the record high temperatures this summer, but none more so than people living with EB as it causes more blisters and ultimately, more pain.

Following the surging temperatures, we have been inundated by emergency grant requests for fans as the EB community are desperately battling to keep cool to reduce the severe pain the heat causes.

Summer heat can be extremely challenging for people living with all types of EB and keeping cool is critical. Heat increases the fragility of the skin, new blisters can form because of the heat, loss of body fluid through wound drainage can lead to dehydration and bandages don’t allow the skin to sweat and cool.

Girl with EB doing crafts with her hands wrapped.jpgMany children with EB need to wrap their limbs and wear gloves to protect their fragile skin, even during the hottest days of the year.

We have had more than 40 emergency grant requests recently, for those with the most severe form of EB we fund a bladeless fan as it is the most powerful option that can cool and gently warm so that people can use it to dry themselves after washing, avoiding the friction caused by using a towel which can cause skin to tear.

With the high temperatures set to continue, we need your help. We are aiming to raise £10,000* to ensure that we can provide suitable fans for all future requests that we receive. Please donate today to help stop the pain for people living with EB.

* In the event that we raise more monies than fan requests received, we will use the monies to purchase items and equipment that directly improve the comfort and health of people living with EB.