Photos of a family and other members with DEBRA staff at DEBRA UK Members

On 18 May, we held our 2024 DEBRA UK Members’ Weekend at Drayton Manor Resort in Staffordshire. 

Members' Weekend is so important as it enables our members to connect with others living with EB. It helps people who may feel isolated and gives an opportunity to share and learn from one another, as well as meeting DEBRA’s Community Support Team and EB healthcare and research experts. 

Some of our highlights of the day included... 

  • Workshops with our wonderful EB specialist nurses. 

  • Tai Chi taster sessions. 

  • The sock exchange! This gave people whose EB affects their feet an opportunity to meet up and share experiences and top tips for high street products, socks, and footwear that make a difference. 

  • Build a soft toy workshop and our teddy bear’s picnic. 

  • Dancing the afternoon away at the silent disco. 

  • And much more! 

A photo of a researcher presenting and a photo of members at the Saturday evening of DEBRA UK Members

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Members' Weekend, and to everyone involved in making this wonderful event happen. 

We’d also like to thank our sponsors – Urgo Medical; TWi Biotechnology; RHEACELL GmbH Co. KG; Flen Health; Bullen; Molnlycke Health Care; Chiesi; Pantheon Ventures; Krystal Biotech; and ACT (Ardonagh Community Trust), the independent charity of worldwide insurance brokerage group, The Ardonagh Group – for supporting the DEBRA UK Members Weekend 2024. The generosity of our sponsors and corporate partners is vital for us to provide events like this for our members.