• DEBRA UK small grants call opens 01 February 2024 with a deadline of 31 March 2024.

DEBRA UK small grant awards of up to £15,000 are offered to national and international clinical or research scientists to support small pilot studies such as generation of preliminary data or feasibility studies which would not normally attract funding. The aim is to make larger follow up funding grants more competitive.

      Download our application form to apply for small grant funding directly from DEBRA UK.


      • Fight for Sight/DEBRA UK small grants call: TBC 2024.
      We have partnered with Fight for Sight to offer a small grant up to £15,000 to UK clinical or research scientists to support vision loss related research in epidermolysis bullosa. This should be used to collect preliminary/pilot data to develop follow on applications. Researchers currently working in fields outside of vision research are welcome to apply.

      Apply for Fight for Sight / DEBRA Small Grant Award through Fight for Sight.