To receive application information and be kept informed of all future funding opportunities, please register your interest with [email protected].

We would encourage all interested applicants to register their contact details with us so we can keep you informed of funding opportunities.

If you have a project proposal for consideration, please submit a Summary Application online.

Summary applications that meet our criteria will be reviewed by our multi-disciplinary Care and Research (CAR) Committee which includes lay representation so that families who suffer with EB can be involved in our funding decisions.

Successful applicants will be requested to submit a full application which will be subject to peer review and consideration by the DEBRA UK Research Advisory Panel whose recommendations will be presented to the trustees of DEBRA UK for approval.

Peer reviewers will be experts in an appropriate field and declare no organisational, collaborative, personal or other conflict of interest. Applicants will have the opportunity to see and respond to reviewer comments. DEBRA UK Research Advisory Panel members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and adhere to the panel’s Terms of Reference and Conflict of Interest policy.

Feedback will be provided on unsuccessful applications.

Successful applicants for DEBRA UK funding will be paid quarterly in arrears on receipt of an appropriate invoice.

An annual progress report will include scientific, financial and lay reports on reaching aims laid out in the original application.

Copies of all published papers, submitted manuscripts, conference abstracts and posters should be sent to DEBRA throughout the grant period and thereafter when work funded by DEBRA UK is presented.

At the end of the grant period, a final report will be required, including a lay summary, along with a list of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Funding cannot be extended so it is important to define viable outcomes for the period of the grant.

Our research policies including terms and conditions are available by emailing [email protected].

You can read our animal testing policy here.