DEBRA UK media consent form

We share media (including photos and videos) for many important reasons. It allows us to raise awareness of EB and feature people of all ages with all EB types in our marketing materials. Representing the whole EB community helps us to inspire others to become DEBRA members, and for others such as researchers and donors to support us. We share media in lots of ways – through our social media channels, in news articles, blogs, print publications, and on our website.

Please complete our form if you consent to share media you appear in.

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Media consent from employer (where applicable)
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Consent can be changed or withdrawn at any time by contacting DEBRA UK via email at [email protected] or by ringing 01344 771961. If consent is withdrawn, DEBRA UK will not use the media in any future publicity thereafter and all existing printed stocks (if applicable) will be destroyed.

Thank you again for sharing your media with DEBRA UK. 

For more information on how DEBRA uses your information, please visit