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Our Amazing Volunteers

Our Amazing Volunteers

DEBRA shop staff share their experiences with volunteering and what is great about their teams of volunteers.

Sarah, Shop Manager East Horsley

Sarah has been a shop manager at DEBRA for over four years. In that time she has witnessed an increase in volunteer numbers at her shop in East Horsley.

“The DEBRA Charity shop is like your baby and the volunteers become like family in a way. It’s a buzz working in the shop as you never know what each day is going to bring. The volunteers thrive on the challenges.”

Sarah has a loyal and enthusiastic group of volunteers including 98 year old Jane. Jane has been volunteering in the shop since it first opened, over 22 years ago!

 “I have a gentleman who volunteers in the shop and has a keen eye for antiques and is great at repairing broken items. Recently we had a Gladstone medical bag donated. It was a little mouldy and had a broken handle. My volunteer cleaned the bag, repaired the handle and polished the leather; allowing us to sell it for a fantastic £120.”


Wendy, Shop Manager Fareham

The team at Fareham are an enthusiastic and friendly group of individuals who kindly donate their time every week to help out in the store, sometimes with only a moment’s notice. They are always keen to be on hand should the shop, or Wendy, need them.

“The team’s enthusiasm and increased productivity has helped the store to achieve increased sales figures. I have a fantastic team of volunteers who are a credit to the charity.”

“The volunteers who come to us all have a wide range of skills that add to the team. Whether it be having great customer service knowledge or being able to make the perfect cup of tea, every volunteer has a talent and contributes to the team in their own way. Everyone’s contribution is equally as important. Volunteers are priceless!”


Pat, Sales Assistant Huddersfield

Moving from a voluntary role to a paid position at DEBRA seemed like the next natural step for Pat.

“Volunteering in the DEBRA shop helped me to regain my confidence and boosted my self-esteem. I had never worked in retail before so the role helped me to learn a variety of skills. Having these skills gave me the confidence to apply for a paid Sunday role in the shop. It felt great to be back in paid employment and it’s all thanks to my volunteering experience.”

“Volunteering in the shop gave me a new lease of life; I met new people, learned new things and it gave me a new purpose in my life. Working in the shop is like working in a little community.”

“There is a great sense of achievement in volunteering; it makes you feel like you are doing something worthwhile. To those who are young and unemployed I would say—give volunteering a try. It will give you a wide range of experience, help you to build a good work ethic and will help you access a whole range of opportunities. Volunteering is suitable for everyone, even those in their senior years. It can give them a purpose and gets them out of their everyday routines. Volunteering can literally change your life!”


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