This research opportunity is from Cardiff University.

Participant recruitment is open until Christmas 2022 or until all places are filled.

If interested, please email Abigail Clifton.


Details from the researcher:

We are running an online Mindful Parenting programme for parents of children aged between 4-16 living with a visible difference or appearance altering condition. The programme is intended to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. It is a great opportunity for any parents or carers who would like to start a regular mindfulness practice.
Parents or carers will be asked to complete an online mindful parenting programme (called Two Hearts) including video content, audio files and a workbook, over six weeks. The total study period will be twelve weeks and over this time participants will also be asked to:

  • Complete four group support sessions during the intervention via videoconferencing (see dates and times below)
  • Complete questionnaires at four timepoints
  • Provide feedback about their use of the programme materials and home practice weekly via text message
  • Answer two questions daily via text message
  • Take part in an interview about their experiences of participating (if they would like to)

For the group support sessions, we will be running a daytime and evening group via Microsoft Teams*:

Daytime group: Tuesdays 1-2pm on 17th and 31st of January and 14th and 28th of February.

Evening group: Wednesdays 8.15-9.15pm on 18th of January, 1st of February, 15th of February and 1st of March.

*We are aware it might be tricky to attend all sessions, it’s okay if participants can only make three out of the four. The first date marks the beginning of the mindful parenting programme. We are hoping to have all of our participants recruited before the Christmas break to get started in the new year.

Official title: A single case experimental design study of an online mindful-parenting intervention for parents of children living with a visible difference. (AKA Mindful Parenting – A Single Case Experimental Design Study) (EC.