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#FightEB to help Mason reach his full potential

#FightEB to help Mason reach his full potential


Imagine living a life of pain and having to keep a smile on your face day after day.

Sadly, Mason's parents know all too well what that's like.

Mason, 9, loves going to school. He's ahead of his age in reading and top of the class in maths. Even though he is in constant pain, nothing gets in the way of his learning.

His parents feared this would never happen.

Mason suffers from EB - a genetic skin condition which causes the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch.

'Even the thought of sending him to school was an absolute nightmare,' says his mum, Kerry. 'The slightest knock or rub could tear his skin off, so the thought of his facing a crowded corridor or being jostled in the playground really did terrify us.'

With information and support from DEBRA, they worked with the school to make sure he's included in as much as possible.

He sits on a sheepskin lining to protect his fragile skin. He also uses a mobility scooter to stay active during the lunchbreak and minimise blistering on his feet. But he still needs round the clock care.

Mason's future remains uncertain.

He's had over thirteen operations to deal with problems caused by his EB. He has to be fed through a tube. He's very vulnerable to serious infections. And it's highly likely he'll need more surgery in future.

'The hardest thing about EB is not knowing what the future holds. Mason's very bright - we can't fool him about what he might have to face as he gets older,' says Kerry.

Mason's parents are raising money to #FightEB.

Your gift could fund research into effective treatments, and ultimately, a cure for people suffering from EB.

And provide care and support which could help more children suffering from EB access education and reach their full potential.

Please give now to make a real difference.

Donate to the Bournemouth Friends of DEBRA

Donate to the Bournemouth Friends of DEBRA

Your donation will help Mason and all those living with EB.