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#FightEB so future generations don't have to suffer like Heather

#FightEB so future generations don't have to suffer like Heather


You've worked your way through college. You've got yourself a job. And you're making plans to move into your own place. Then you're diagnosed with cancer and all your plans get put on hold.

For 27-year-old Heather, that's exactly what happened.

Heather's a three-time cancer survivor.

She's had numerous operations to deal with internal injuries. She's blind in one eye. Hospital visits and painful daily bandage changes are simply part of everyday life for her and her mum, Wendy.

All because she has a skin condition.

Heather suffers from EB - a potentially fatal skin condition that causes constant pain due to unstoppable internal and external blistering.

The cancer is caused by her EB. It's aggressive and almost certain to come back.

But she doesn't let anything get in her way.

'I have EB, but EB is not me. Yes, I have good days and bad days, but you can't sit around thinking 'I might die today'. You have to get out and enjoy life,' she says.

Heather and Wendy are raising money which could help fund research, care and support for people suffering from EB.

Give now to make a difference to people impacted by EB like Heather and Wendy.

Heather and Wendy's Appeal

Heather and Wendy's Appeal

Your donation will help Heather and Wendy as well as all those living with EB.