Big ben houses of parliament

Now that the general election has been decided, politicians will be returning to parliament on Wednesday 17 July.

You may have the same MP/MS/MSP as before or a new one, but either way now is a good opportunity to get their attention and ensure they are aware of EB and the challenges that people living with all types of EB face daily.

To bring EB to their attention and to encourage them to support our drive to improve local EB healthcare services, we would be grateful if you could write to, or email, your local MP/MS/MSP and ask them to meet with you.

To make it easy for you we have created a template letter for you to use. There are two versions, depending on if you have a DEBRA UK store in your constituency. If you need to check, you can find your nearest store here.


Letter if you have a store nearby

Letter if you do not have a store nearby


You can find out who your local politician is and how to contact them by visiting:



We need support from many different people to ensure you have the adequate healthcare support you need today and effective treatments for tomorrow. Local and national government can help us achieve this, so if you can find the time, please do get involved. Just by writing a letter you can BE the difference for EB.


Find out more about other ways to get involved