Why I made a free will

Writing a Will was not something I had considered. I mean, I'm 25, I don't have a mortgage, a husband or kids, so it's not something that had ever come up or crossed my mind! It seems I'm not alone though, research by Royal London has found that 59% of UK adults don't have a Will. 

Something to think about then, but aren't Wills expensive and don't you have to go to a Solicitor? Won't that take up loads of time I don't have to get it sorted? And how on earth would I even approach sorting a Will? My only experience of Solicitors was a (not especially exciting) few weeks temping for a firm after graduating uni!

In the end though, the process of writing my Will was so quick and easy, there was really no excuse not to get it done. The solution? The free online Will writing service, Beyond.

It took only 15 minutes to set up my account and complete all the information to create my Will. With simple step by step instructions, the task was not as daunting as I'd feared, and I could easily choose what I wanted to do with my money. 

A fantastic benefit is their team of legal experts will double check your Will for any glaring errors and notify you if anything does need changing. After you're happy, all that's involved is printing, signing and finding a safe space to keep it. Just like that, sorted! Plus I know, that should anything change, I can log back in and make a quick tweak*. 

Wills are not an easy thing to think about for anyone, but we all know they are important. Ultimately it's reassuring to know that should anything happen, you've been the one to make those important choices.