On Sunday 2nd October, 28 runners took on the iconic London Marathon as part of #TeamDEBRA!

Despite the weather forecast predicting rain in the days leading up to the event, it couldn't have been a more perfect day! The sun shone, the skies were blue and there was a slight October breeze, which our runners were grateful for when the sun was out. The streets were filled with the buzz of music and people cheering. The atmosphere was amazing.

So far, the team have raised an incredible £68,000 to help stop the pain for people living with EB.

Many of our runners had personal connections to DEBRA, running for loved ones who live with EB.

Rob Hynds, who completed the marathon in an incredible 2 hrs 55 minutes, is a researcher working with DEBRA and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity to develop a new treatment for EB patients who suffer from potentially life-threatening airway disease.

We were also lucky to have multi marathon runner Steve Edwards join #TeamDEBRA to complete his 946th marathon and 25th London Marathon.

From left to right: George Hassall, Rob Hynds, Sinead Simmons, Steve Edwards, Emmet O'Reilly, Lizzie Mounter, Sinead Simmons, Ben Woodwiss.

As if running a marathon wasn't hard enough, a number of our participants live with EB Simplex, which causes painful blistering on the feet, including Lizzie Mounter and Ben Woodwiss.

I want to run the marathon to prove to myself, help inspire others they can despite their restrictions and give back to my charity- DEBRA.

I feel lucky because there are people who have severe EB, blistering that can occur all over the body and there is no cure. But DEBRA is a medical research charity dedicated to finding the treatment and eventual cure of EB.

Lizzie Mounter

Paul Critcher ran in memory of his Godson Freddie Fincham, who passed away from a rare type of EB in January 2021 at the age of 14. The date of the marathon was especially poignant as Freddie would have been celebrating his 16th birthday.

Freddie will always be an inspiration to me. The bravery he showed through adversity was remarkable. His School memorial card implored us to 'be more Freddie' which is why I have decided to run the marathon, a day to remember him with such love and admiration, a day to raise awareness and funds for DEBRA.

Paul Critcher

A huge congratulations to all our awe-inspiring runners: Craig Moore, Mark Burleton, Ed Emmerson, Ben Woodwiss, Harriet Cotton, Laura Power, Lizzie Mounter, Meera Patel, Vivienne Willett, Barry Keenan, Gerard Kinsella, Steve Edwards, Rob Hynds, Richard Adkins, Emmett O'Reilly, Charles Duncombe, Barak Hirshchowitz, Sharon Hirschowitz, John Owen, George Hassall, Kevin Hanney, Jenn Parr, Mark Harvey, Richard Berke, Stuart Hall, Daniel Trinh, Alex Mayron and Paul Critcher.

We can't thank you enough for helping us stop the pain for people living with EB.


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