We're lucky enough to have a group of wonderful supporters who help us raise awareness and funds for people living with EB.

Whether it's holding a fundraising event like a cake sale or taking part in a fundraising challenge, every pound raised helps us get one step closer to a world where no one has to suffer with the pain of EB.

Here are just a few of our most recent fundraising heroes!


Ardonagh group - Richmond Park Half Marathon

Ardonagh Group taking part in Richmond Park Half Marathon

On the 2nd June, a team of four graduates (Rebecca, Dylan, Imad and Myles) from Ardonagh Group, took part in Richmond Park Half Marathon. Rebecca lives with EB simplex...

When I was a toddler, my parents were contacted by my nursery because I was consistently walking on the edges of my feet. They were accused of buying poor quality and ill-fitting shoes, despite always having invested in my comfort. At 4 years old, it became clear that there was a bigger issue at play. In hotter climates and during summer, I would find walking extremely painful, often forced to walk in bizarre ways to alleviate pain from the blisters on my feet.

The team have raised over £2,000!

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Great North Swim

Great North Swim team

Inspired by the achievements of Graeme Souness and the Channel Swim team in 2023, a team of five (Paul Glover, Martyn Rowley, Scott Bacciochi, Steve Shore, and Lee Roan) embarked upon a 55 mile walk from Clitheroe to Lake Windermere, followed by taking part in the Great North Swim.

On completing the challenge, Martyn said:

After 53+ miles of walking and a 1-mile swim, we have completed our challenge for DEBRA UK charity! Some of us faced various amounts of pain, but for us, these are short-term.

Unfortunately, those suffering from EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) don't have this option—their pain is lifelong. This is why we took up this challenge: to highlight this debilitating disease and raise funds for research that might one day find a cure.

DEBRA UK are so grateful for all the team have done to raise funds for families living with EB, including organising their annual charity ball, which raised over 80k earlier this year.

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Swansea half marathon

Group wearing DEBRA t shirts and holding a DEBRA banner at the finish line of the Swansea Half Marathon

On the 9th June, a team of 6 (Leanne, Gareth, Dewi, Ella, Charlie, Scott) took part in the Swansea Half Marathon, inspired by 10-month baby Albi, who was born with recessive dystrophic EB (RDEB).

Albi was born with significant skin loss at birth, he has to have daily dressing changes to help his wounds to heal and the minimise infections. Albi will wear bandages every day to help protect his skin and reduce new wounds and blisters caused by everything day friction.

The team were cheered over the finish line by baby Albi and family. They raised an incredible £1,700.

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London to Brighton cycle

Trek Bracknell team wearing DEBRA cycling vest for their London to Brighton cycle

On the 16th June, a team of 10 from Trek Bracknell, took on the London to Brighton cycle to raise funds for families living with EB.

The team completed the 85km race in 4 hours and 19 minutes and have raised over £3,000 so far.

We’re very grateful to Trek Bracknell for their ongoing support and for choosing DEBRA as their charity of the year.


Chris Pressdee - 50km in 50 days

Chris Pressdee cycling

As if taking part in the London to Brighton cycle wasn't enough of a challenge, keen cyclist, Chris Pressdee, decided to push himself to the limits by cycling 50km a day for 50 days, to celebrate his 50th year and raise funds for DEBRA.

Chris completed his epic challenge on the 18th June. Over the course of the 50 days, he rode 2500km, burned 50,000 calories, spent over 100 hours in the saddle, and raised over £1,175 to help support families living with EB!

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Leeds 10km

Poppy taking part in Leeds 10k

On the 23rd June, Poppy Paton, who works at Peninsula UK, took part in Leeds 10k to raise funds for DEBRA.

Not only did Poppy raise £250, she also hit a personal best of 1 hour 25 minutes!

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