Graeme Souness with his arm around Isla GristDEBRA UK, the national charity, and patient support organisation for people living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), is delighted to hear that DEBRA UK Vice President, Graeme Souness has been awarded a CBE in His Majesty the King’s birthday honours list.

Graeme Souness is renowned throughout the football world for his achievements as a player, manager, and more recently as football pundit. However, he has also played a hugely important role as Vice President at DEBRA UK.

Graeme said:

I am delighted and humbled to receive this honour. It has been a life-changing few years working so closely with DEBRA UK as Vice President and none more so than this last year when I was part of a great team, swimming the English Channel to raise vital funds and awareness for DEBRA UK and EB.

It is wonderful that the King has honoured me with a CBE and it is important to acknowledge the whole team which works tirelessly to find solutions to the intolerable pain, itch and inflammation of this horrendous condition. This for my friend Isla and everyone else living with EB.

It was at a DEBRA UK event in 2019 that Graeme was introduced to the charity and first met people living with EB, a group of incredibly painful genetic skin blistering conditions that cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch causing excruciating pain, and unbearable itch.

From that point onwards Graeme has been determined to make a difference to the lives of thousand of children and adults in the UK who are living with the pain of EB. People like his friend Isla Grist from the Scottish Highlands who has recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.

Graeme has supported the charity in many ways including joining a swimming challenge across the English Channel last June which generated significant awareness of EB and raised over £1.5m to help DEBRA UK clinically test existing licenced drugs which could be life-changing and significantly improve quality of life for people living with EB.

Commenting on the news, DEBRA UK CEO, Tony Byrne said:

We are incredibly proud and grateful to have Graeme as a member of our team. With his support we have brought EB to the public’s attention, and we have started our drug repurposing journey. There is still much that we need to do but with people like Graeme being the difference for EB, we can create a world where no one must suffer with EB. Thank you, Graeme, for everything that you have done for the EB community, and many congratulations. 


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